Unlock the True
Potential of Digital Signage

Professional Digital Signage Content Management based on External Data - transforming your Store into a Digital Marketing Machine.

The Powerful Digital Signage Combination

Manage Screen Content with
just a few clicks

Manage a variety of screens in different locations. Changing content and assigning it to the right locations based on time becomes as easy as possible.

Create Playlists

With only three simple steps.

Group Screens

Publish campaigns as quickly as possible.

Schedule Campaigns

Set major campaigns months in advance.

Integrate Data and Trigger the right Content

Link existing information sources to your digital signage content. In this way, you show content that is particularly important for interaction with visitors.

Corona Entry Control

Count visitors and regulate the number of customers.

Waiting times and queues

Enhance customer experience.

Pricing Campaigns

Connect a flexible pricing system.

Create automated digital
signage campaigns with a powerful SaaS

Easy to use

Ease of use is immediately apparent through a simple and intuitive interface designed for you.

Interactive Content

Enhance your digital signage campaigns with dynamic content that makes visitors aware.


Email and phone support are included by default, so if you have any problems you can contact us directly.

Hardware Monitoring

Have all digital signage players with all their statuses in view at all times. Even with the possibility to intervene remotely.


Integrations with other solution providers are continuously added to leverage the right data sources.

Real-Time Data

Keep track of your entire digital signage infrastructure and measure results anytime.

Get started

Convince yourself and test the solution in various settings. Just leave us a message to get started.