Cloud based Digital Signage Solution

Software-as-a-Service, Reliable Hardware and Services to optimise your Digital Signage Operations with just a few clicks.

Content Management System
based on your needs

Save time because every piece of content brands itself

With the editor, you can not only create your own content, but also campaigns automatically put certain content into the appropriate branding.

Show Realtime Data

Easily create your own slides that show realtime data from other sources.

Overlay Mode

Branding is done through a set design once and stays continuously.

Live Ticker

Play the latest text information along with the content.


Creating design once is enough - just add content.

Understand Customers and Devices in your Stores

Multiple dashboards give you insight into the health of digital signage players and success of campaigns.

Hardware Monitoring

The exact state of each digital signage player.

Visitor Counting

Number of visitors and views on the screens.

Alert System

Automatic notification in the event of an error.

Integrate and Show Data
inside your Digital Signage Content

Let your customers know important information directly in real time through the screens and improve the customer experience.

Set Buying Impulses strategically
adapted to the individual Situation

Digital Signage Player by use2go

Connected to the screen and at the same time to the use2go cloud via an active Internet connection, the Digital Signage Box enormously simplifies installation.

4K Video Chip

Extensive video content with 4K is played smoothly without lags.

Plug & Play

Just plug in and enter a given code. The rest happens by itself.

WiFi Connection

If your Wifi signal is sufficient in the store you can avoid LAN cables.

Works Offline

Interrupted Internet connection? No worries, the content continues.

Ready for Your Organisation

An enterprise ready solution designed to be secure, scalable and flexible right from the start so that it can be adapted exactly to your requirements.


Defines Access and Autorisation

Specify the business departments and roles that should have access.


Grows with your Requirements

Adding more players and systems works smoothly without any adjustments.


Select from Multiple Integrations

Choose from a variety of different solutions from other vendors that you already use.


Let us do the deployment

Take advantage of a high quality, standardised process for implementation.

Create Interactive Experiences with Kiosk Mode

Whether stores, timetables or news - let your visitors find the necessary information themselves on the screen.

Campaign Auto Play

When the display is not in use, advertising content is played.

Multiple Organisations Access

Bring different retailers together - each updates owned content.

Interaction Measurement

Measure how often visitors interact with which content.

Get started

Convince yourself and test the solution in various settings. Just leave us a message to get started.