All the essiential tools


Digital Signage & Social Wifi

One campaign - many paths

Publish images, presentations and videos directly from a variety of screens and smartphones. Save time and make sure all content is really seen.

In the browser and in the cloud

Central and reliable

Manage campaigns across multiple devices, such as with your team. You can start directly in the browser and save all necessary files there. On-premise solutions can also be implemented on request.

Create playlists fast

With just a few clicks

Determine the order of the contents and in which time periods they will be played. Select the devices and locations and determine the weighting of the playlist. With use2go you create an effective plan for your information.

Manage displays easily

All devices at a look

The more displays are entered in the system, the more difficult management becomes - not with use2go. All devices can be grouped clearly and called up at any time. Control volume, restarts and updates directly online. Get important system information and see live what’s playing on the displays.

Wifi as effective marketing

Fast and targeted

You can use a visitors’ frequent look at the smartphone and the search for a free WiFi connection to your advantage. To get connected to the Internet, your visitors look at content and interact with your social media sites.

  • Pictures and videos
  • Login via Social Media
  • Reviews and surveys
  • Analytics & Tracking
  • Redirection

Receive feedback

Knowing and understanding

Feedback from your customers and collected information about the visiting periods give you important insights into daily business.

With integrated editor

Create your own content

Create individual slides and login pages. Use pictures and videos to display interesting and current content. Add animations and texts.

Roles and permissions

Perfect for teams

Specify the folders, devices and locations that members of your team are allowed to edit. Agencies also have access to several organizations. Cooperation is entirely possible with use2go.

Dashboard & Reports

Instantly at a view

Device and customer information can be clearly displayed and visualized. After selecting the locations and the period, additional reports can be created and exported in the form of CSV files.

Try now for free

Get all features for 30 days

Create a free account now and get started. For 30 days you get all features for Digital Signage and Wifi Marketing. Contact us with any questions and have a look at the instruction videos of the use2go software.

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